Saturday, June 17th 2017 - Grand Hôtel Intercontinental de Paris

150th anniversary of the Blue Danube


Dress codes and Tips


A Viennese Ball is not to be perfect if elegance is not au rendez-vous !

Ladies, please wear a full length ball gown, either black or coloured. It is recommanded to avoid white which is the colour of the Debutantes. You may choose your shoes so as to feel at ease and dance as you wish, by avoiding too high heels. Opera gloves are always very elegant, but not compulsory.

Gentlemen, you can choose to wear either a white tie or a black tie or a uniform. VYou can even come with a tuxedo and its coloured belt. We advise you to wear polished black shoes. In any case it is better to have black shoes with a leather sole.

A dark suit (black or navy blue) with a bow tie (same colours) can be admitted. A grey suit is not accepted. The ball committee reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone not wearing the appropriate ball attire.


Introduction : We are delighted you come with your friends. Yet, don't hesitate to meet new people, so as to share the pleasure of the night together. When being introduced, young people are introduced to elder people, and women to men.

Baise-main : In a Viennese ball, you shall prefer a kiss to the hand to greet the Lady to whom you are introduced. Just take the lady's right hand, raise it slightly, tilt the head forward and move your lips above the back of her hand, without touching it.

Invitation to dance : Gentlemen, please dare to invite ladies to dance, and without hesitation. The awkwardness is to stay alone and stiff, and not to have the ladies dance, whatever your dance level is. The ladies are perfectly free to decline an invitation, yet the gentlemen shall be attentive not to leave any lady alone on the dancefloor : isn't it the Bal des Parisiennes ? A lady may decline the invitation, but it must be done in a charming manner. And don't forget to thank your partner at the end of a dance !