Saturday, June 17th 2017 - Grand Hôtel Intercontinental de Paris

150th anniversary of the Blue Danube

General terms and conditions

The purchase of a ticket for the Bal des Parisiennes - Le Bal Viennois de Paris® requires the agreement to the general terms and conditions listed below.

  • Dress Code : The organizing committee reserves the right to refuse the access to anybody who wouldn't respect the dress code as mentioned on the present website.

  • Transfer of rights : By participating to he Bal des Parisiennes - Le Bal Viennois de Paris®, all the people declare transferring their rights on the videos and photographs taken by the service providers, the press or the people especially authorized to do so by the organiser of the Ball. It is of course perfectly admitted to take photographs and videos during the Bal for a personal purpose.

  • Refund conditions in case of cancellation by guests : a refund at 75 % is guaranteed till March, 1st 2017. A half-refund will be guaranteed till April, 15th 2017. After that date no refund shall be granted.

  • Resale of tickets : It is possible to resale your ticket as long as you keep the organiser of the Ball informed by communicating the name and information of the new guest and buyer. It is forbidden to resale a ticket at a higher price than the price fixed by the organiser. In the case these conditions weren't respected the organiser reserves the right to refuse the access to the new guest.

  • MAIN CHANGES IN THE ORGANISATION OF THE BALL INDEPENDENT FROM THE RESPONSABILITY OF THE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE : In case a change would occur in the date or the place because of serious causes independent from the responsability of the organizing committee, the Bal des Parisiennes, the Viennese Ball of Paris won't refund the tickets. Yet, the organiser commits to find a date and place so as to report the event in order to satisfy most of the guests.

  • MAIN CHANGES IN THE ORGANISATION OF THE BALL :  In case a change would occur in the date or the place (only if the place chosen is objectively of an inferior quality), the organise commits to informing about those changes immediately and to leaving 15 days from the moment on to allow the guests to ask for a total refund of their tickets, whatever the date of the change may be. In the case the change of place would occur for better objective conditions (more room, more prestige), the organiser commits not to raise the prices of the tickets. In that situation no refund will be possible.

  • Minor changes in the organisation of the Ball : The organiser of the Ball reserves the right to modify the services on the whole or on a part (as regards the artists or programme of the opera recital), by having the quality and reputation of the Ball always in mind. No refund shall be asked for minor changes. Yet the organiser commits to maintening the programme of the night from the opening ceremony in adequation to the description given on the present website.