Saturday, June 17th 2017 - Grand Hôtel Intercontinental de Paris

150th anniversary of the Blue Danube


Waltz & tango ballroom

A Viennese Ball is not entirely dedicated to waltz : a true Viennese ball is a feast for dance, with several rooms and atmospheres, so as to dance many dances in couple, whatever your level is.

Animated by an orchestra under the direction of Marc-Antoine Pingeon together with a selection of recordings from the dancing school VOTRE BAL / VOTRE VALSE, that is specialised in the organisation of Viennese balls, the Waltz Ballroom is the place where to dream and be surprised !

You will waltz the whole night on all kind of waltzes, from the most famous waltzes by Strauss or Lehar, to the Cranberries and Caravan Palace, Edith Piaf, Tschaikowsky, Doga, or waltzes taken from movies by Woody Allen, or composed by Alexandre Desplat.

At 12.30 am, in that very room, by following our maestro, you will have the occasion to improvize an incredible QUADRILLE, or Viennese reel, a delightful tradition of every Viennese ball. No need to know how to dance it ! The point is just to indulge and to dance it on the spot by following your neighbour : one of the most congenial and funny moments in a Viennese ball !

Viennese music will also be celebrated with polkasduring the whole night.

Louise David-Gauna et Mariano Gauna

LOUISE DAVID-GAUNA and MARIANO GAUNA make us the great honour of launching the tango moment of the 2017 Bal des Parisiennes at 1.00 am. France champions of tango in 2015 in the category "Tango for dancefloor", they are a reference, due to their extraordinary style, their different actions to promote this dance, and their remarkable carreer.

Louise David-Gauna has been formed as a classical musician, and an iceskater, before becoming an exceptional tanguera, in particular with MARIANO GAUNA. Mariano Gauna has practised traditional dances, then tango, since the age of 10 in Argentina. He has been awarded many prizes. They have performed successfully in Buenos Aires and all over the world since they met in 2006. They are the creators and organisors of the International Festival of Tango in France at Châteaulin.

Click here to discover one of their shows

Waltz will carry on afterwards till 5.00 am