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Bal des Parisiennes, le Bal Viennois de Paris

Saturday, June 16th 2018 - Grand Hôtel de Paris Intercontinental


Rock'n'roll & swing ballroom

A Viennese Ball is not entirely dedicated to waltz : a true Viennese ball is a feast for dance, with several rooms and atmospheres, so as to dance many dances in couple, whatever your level is.

The second room, as big as the Waltz and Tango Ballroom, is dedicated to rock'n'roll and latin dances and will open at 11 pm, just after the opening ceremony, till 5 am.

At 11.30 pm, first activity and first show ! The company of the "Rats de Cave" (Cellar Rats) will offer us an irresistible moment, on Swing and Be-Bop music.

Be bop

The Rats de cave have performed on the stage for more than thirty years everywhere in France. They dance very vivid shows of Swing and Be-Bop, an energetic, merry and typically Parisian dance.

In the jazz cellars of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, a cellar rat was the name given by the press to the Be-Bop dancers, in comparison with the Little Rats of the Opéra de Paris during the fifties. This is an expression dating back to those mythical Parisian times, which have encountered a great revival for the last ten years. Irresistible !

Click here to discover one of their shows.

A dance show of French Rock'n'roll will take place at 0.30 am!

French Rock'n'roll

For the second year at the BAL DES PARISIENNES, THE VIENNESE BALL OF PARIS, the young ACADÉMIE DE DANSE 4 TEMPS, which promotes this emblematic dance of France, and obtained, thanks to its expertise, the recognition of four-beat rock by the French Dance Federation, will present a captivating and seductive choreography. You will discover successively 5 couples of dancers, of different styles but all representing a festive rock, sometimes sober, sometimes exuberant, sometimes furious, always happy!

At 2:00, the professional dancers Sand and Ludo will dance an exhilarating demonstration of West Coast Swing and let you indulge in this modern and fantastic dance.

West coast swing

SAND AND LUDO are the permanent teachers of the "Sand & Ludo" association. They gave their first courses together in April 2009 and their desire to work for the development of this dance in France has continued to grow ever since.

In 2010, they meet Canadian champions Myles Munroe and Tessa Cunningham who are recognized worldwide for their pedagogy. To deepen their own knowledge and pedagogy, they will train directly with them during various events in the United States. Since summer 2012, they've continued their training with champions such as Jennifer DeLuca, Arjay Centeno, Brennar Goree, Ben Morris, Robert Royston, etc ...

Specialists of the West Coast Swing and recognized in France for their technical pedagogy, Sand and Ludo organize their courses, courses and events in a convivial, simple and human atmosphere.

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