Saturday, June 17th 2017 - Grand Hôtel Intercontinental de Paris

150th anniversary of the Blue Danube


Program of the night

All along this wonderful and unique evening, you will enjoy many delights such as French cooking, opera recital, and dance shows, inaugurated of course by the show of the Debutants and Debutantes, dancing on waltzes and polkas.

7.00 pm Welcoming of the guests with a glass of champagne
8.00 pm Great gala dinner
10.00 pm Opening ceremony
11.00 pm
11.30 pm Professional show of 6 dancers of Be-bop
12.00 am
  • General Quadrille in the waltz ballroom, according to the Viennese tradition
  • The Blue Danube, played as in 1867
1.00 am Professional show of dancers of tango and tango ball in the waltz and tango ballroom
2.00 am Professional show of dancers of west coast swing dance
5.00 End of the Ball 2017