Saturday, June 17th 2017 - Grand Hôtel Intercontinental de Paris

150th anniversary of the Blue Danube


The Debutants

Dancing waltz today is a way to give its place to our need of romanticism. Dancing in couple is romantic... so as taking the time to be elegant and go dancing, to invite someone or to be invited to dance.... When waltzing romance enter one's life ; on a waltz a woman and a man urged by their modern life can escape through dance and music...

Marine Clavier, Debutante 2015

Trained by the dance school VOTRE BAL / VOTRE VALSE, the 20 couples of young Debutants, specially selected for the Ball 2016, will open the Ball by following the splendid Viennese way.

They will perform the entrance of the Debutants, one polka by Emile Waldteufel and one waltz by Siegfried Translateur on the theme of Sports.

As a specific feature of the Bal des Parisiennes, you will hear pieces of music inherited from the double background of French music and Viennese music, to pay a tribute to the old dialogue between Paris and Vienna.

Open your hearts and let you being conquered by what you will ear !