Saturday, June 17th 2017 - Grand Hôtel Intercontinental de Paris

150th anniversary of the Blue Danube



This year the music of the Opera recital and the Waltz Ballroom will be operated by the Orchestre Eugénie, under the direction of Marc-Antoine Pingeon.

Orchestre Eugénie

The Orchestre Eugénie, by the name of the empress and wife of Napoléon III, is a unique group in France, whose size evolves according to the specificities of the programmes performed and the locations. The musicians sometimes use ancient instruments. It gives life again to the tradition of chamber orchestra which used to perform in Paris at the time of the Second Empire and at the "Belle Epoque", in drawing-rooms and private ballrooms, for private or official parties. It gathers professional musicians fond of romantic French muic from 1850 to 1915.

The Orchestre Eugénie is specialised in research and interpretation of French music from the romantic period.

The group acquired an expertise and an exceptional savoir-faire, by offering a very rich sound to its audience, typical from the time. The orchestra is very attached to the idea of celebrating the beautiful musical patrimony of Paris "capital city of arts" : thus it appears as the natural partner for the Bal des Parisiennes. A musical ambiance full of magic, during the recital and the ball, in an incredible whirl of waltzes, reels and polkas. The best way to celebrate the creation of the Blue Danube in Paris !

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