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Bal des Parisiennes, le Bal Viennois de Paris

Saturday, June 15th 2019 - Brongniart Palace

Tuesday, April 16th 2019

Notre Dame Operation

As millions of people around the world, the organizing committee of the Bal des Parisiennes, the Viennese Ball of Paris® is deeply moved, by the very serious incident that happened to Notre-Dame cathedral on the evening of April 15th. We cannot help being afflicted by this tragedy, that leads to the partial destruction of Notre-Dame de Paris. Notre-Dame is really the very first Parisian lady, that has been inspiring French people and all the lovers of the City of Light for nine centuries and that has been bringing more soul to the Parisian life, a unique life, made of delights and sorrows sublimated by art and the sense of transcendence.

As the beams fell into the flames of the fire that ravaged the frame that night, it is as if the intangible patrimony symbolized by the cathedral refused to die, and the great movement that emerged from the depths of France and from all the people attached to Notre-Dame, wherever they may be, took over from the stones and beams to say: Notre-Dame de Paris will live!

The Bal des Parisiennes, the Viennese Ball of Paris® is placed under the high patronage of Stephane Bern and has been committed since 2015 in the celebration of a specific intangible heritage : the Great Ball and the transmission of French culture it embodies. Each year we work hard to stage this splendid jewel from our civilization. Given the urgency of the situation and the huge sums needed for the renovation of Notre-Dame de Paris, that exceed even the most important donations already mentioned by the press, we have decided to involve our Ball in favor of this major Parisian figure. (j’ai volontairement simplifié l’expression)

By participating in the Ball 2019, you can give from 5€ to 200€ minimum per entrance to the reconstruction of Notre-Dame de Paris, or to one of our partner foundations.

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