Saturday, June 17th 2017 - Grand Hôtel Intercontinental de Paris

150th anniversary of the Blue Danube



The Bal des Parisiennes is a committed Charity Ball. During the great gala dinner, its benefits will be donated to the Foundation Espérance Banlieues (Hope for the Suburbs). Its goal is to develop and experiment renewed pedagogical methods in French underprivileged areas, through its schools in Montfermeil, Asnières, Marseilles or Roubaix.

This partnership is based upon several meetings and collaborations so as to associate the children and their teachers to the Ball.

The dancing school that organizes the Ball is also cooperating with the association Mètis to recruit several couples of Debutants in the suburbs. The purpose is for them to participate to the opening Viennese ceremony. Metis is a wonderful project led by Augustin d'Humières to make pupils in disadvantaged schools discover Homer and Shakespeare...

Thus sharing the passion for dancing is not a mere hobby : a great Ball has to be a generous occasion for people to meet and gather, especially those who are sometimes, just like Cinderella, held apart from the Parisian sociability and culture, though they are entitled to share it like everyone else.

Website of the Espérance Banlieues Foundation :

Pressbook of the Espérance Banlieues Foundation