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Bal des Parisiennes, le Bal Viennois de Paris

Saturday, June 16th 2018 - Grand Hôtel de Paris Intercontinental


Opening viennese ceremony + Ball

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Ticket «Opera»: full opening ceremony + ball, beginning at 55 €

  • Défilé

  • Ballet

  • Opera

  • Debutants

  • Waltz ballroom

  • Rock ballroom

  • Dancers

  • Ladies' gift

Full opening ceremony and show
10.00 pm

At your arrival by 8.45 pm, you are invited to have a drink in the Salon Berlioz of the Grand Hôtel de Paris. At 9.45 pm, you are expected to join the Salon Opéra for the opening ceremony (about 1 hour long) on the Viennese way including opening march, opera recital, défilé of ball gowns, Ballet of the Opéra de Paris, waltz and polka of the Debutants. Cloakroom is included.

10.00 pm - 5.00 am

This ticket is for the show and the Ball. It includes 2 drinks (soft or hard), the access to both ballrooms "Waltz" and "Rock", and the four shows of professional dancers (tango, be-bop, rock, west coast swing).

Bookings The number of tickets available is limited and depends on the tickets sold for the gala-dinner: don't forget to book your ticket quickly.
  • Normal rate : 70 € / pers. Guaranteed till February, 15th 2018 - 90 € / pers. after February, 15th.
  • Reduced rate (on evidence) : 55 € / for students and members of the dance school till February, 15th 2018 - 65 € / pers. after February, 15th.
  • Special military rate in uniform or evening suit (A1 or others) : 50 € / pers.
  • Bar : 2 drinks are offered with this ticket. Afterwards you may buy tokens for the Bar (2 tokens = 5 €) at the Desk all along the night (cah or credit card). Soft drinks : 2,5 € - Cocktails or hard drinks : 5 € - Glass of champagne : 10 € - Bottle of champagne : 90 € (you may book your bottle of champagne on-line in advance from your account at the price of 70 €).
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